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Receive; Receivers; Reciever; Recieve; Receiver (disambiguation); Receive (disambiguation); Receivsr; Receiver (song)

A telephone's receiver is the part that you hold near to your ear and speak into.
A receiver is the part of a radio or television that picks up signals and converts them into sound or pictures.
Auto-tuning VHF receivers are now common in cars.
The receiver is someone who is appointed by a court of law to manage the affairs of a business, usually when it is facing financial failure. (BUSINESS)
Between July and September, a total of 1,059 firms called in the receiver.
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¦ noun
1. a telephone handset, in particular the part that converts electrical signals into sounds.
a piece of radio or television apparatus converting broadcast signals into sound or images.
2. a person or thing that receives something.
a person who buys or accepts goods known to be stolen.
3. (Brit. also official receiver) a person appointed to manage the financial affairs of a bankrupt business.
4. American Football a player who specializes in catching passes.
part of a telephone
1) to pick up the receiver
2) to hang up, put down, replace a receiver
3) a telephone receiver
4) a shortwave receiver
one who catches a forward pass
(Am. football)
5) to hit; spot a receiver (to spot a receiver down the field)



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Pronunciation examples for receiver
1. There's a receiver.
2. You're a receiver.
Positive Leadership - Strategies for Extraordinary Performance _ Kim Cameron _ Talks at Google
3. is the receiver.
Tesla - Inventor of the Electrical Age _ Bernard Carlson _ Talks at Google
4. as the receiver,
5. or to the receiver.
Examples of use of receiver
1. DGPS requires one roving receiver and one receiver fixed at a known location nearby.
2. Yonah had opposed the move, but the special receiver for Heftsiba and the Official State Receiver accused Yonah of stalling for time.
3. "It is safe now," Taha‘s voice crackled over the receiver.
4. They also found a GPS receiver and other equipment.
5. Flowers bring happinees for both sender and receiver.