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<programming> The scope of an identifier is the region of a program source within which it represents a certain thing. This usually extends from the place where it is declared to the end of the smallest enclosing block (begin/end or procedure/function body). An inner block may contain a redeclaration of the same identifier in which case the scope of the outer declaration does not include (is "shadowed" or "occluded" by) the scope of the inner. See also activation record, dynamic scope, {lexical scope}. (1994-11-01)
Simple COmmunications Programming Environment (Reference: telecommunication)
Purpose, drift, tendency, aim, mark, intention, intent, design, object, view, end.
Room, space, vent, opportunity, margin, range, liberty, latitude, amplitude, free course, free play, full play.
Length, extent, sweep.



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Pronunciation examples for scope
1. "Scope it!"
Magic For Liars _ Sarah Gailey _ Talks at Google
2. watching the scope creep.
American Prairie Reserve _ Sean Gerrity _ Talks at Google
3. KENT LARSON: City Scope.
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4. with a gigahertz scope.
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5. It's on my scope.
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Examples of use of scope
1. "The scope of the cuts will match the scope of the crisis," Water Authority spokesman Uri Shor said.
2. "In the course of these, (SNP leader) Alex Salmond made it clear there was scope for negotiation and scope for compromise.
3. Does Phillips see any scope for rebalancing the torture prohibition and overriding considerations of national security? ‘So far as torture is concerned, there is no scope for balancing.
4. Legal experts say prosecutors cannot be sued for actions within the scope of their job but can be held liable for actions outside that scope.
5. Plea: Alex Salmond ‘made it clear there was scope for negotiation and scope for compromise‘ over a Lib Dem coalition More....