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Shoots; Plant shoots; Shoot system; Plant shoot; 芽; Heterophylly; Seasonal heterophylly; Short shoot; Long shoot; Spur shoot; Fruiting spur; Leafy shoot; Anisophylly; Fruit spur

young plant
1) a bamboo shoot
hunting trip
(esp. BE)
2) (to go on) a tiger shoot
1) (D; tr.) ('to execute by shooting') to shoot as (he was shot as a deserter)
2) (D; intr.) ('to fire') to shoot at (to shoot at smb.)
3) (colloq.) (esp. AE) (d; intr.) ('to aim') to shoot for (to shoot for the top)
4) (D; intr., tr.) ('to fire') to shoot into (to shoot into the air)
5) (N; used with an adjective) ('to hit with gun-fire') to shoot smb. dead
6) (P; intr.) ('to move quickly') they shot past us in a sports car
·noun A shoat; a young hog.
II. Shoot ·noun A young branch or growth.
III. Shoot ·noun A rush of water; a rapid.
IV. Shoot ·vi To plane straight; to fit by planing.
V. Shoot ·vi To feel a quick, darting pain; to throb in pain.
VI. Shoot ·vi To change form suddenly; especially, to solidify.
VII. Shoot ·noun A weft thread shot through the shed by the shuttle; a pick.
VIII. Shoot ·noun A vein of ore running in the same general direction as the lode.
IX. Shoot ·vi To variegate as if by sprinkling or intermingling; to color in spots or patches.
X. Shoot ·noun The act of shooting; the discharge of a missile; a shot; as, the shoot of a shuttle.
XI. Shoot ·vi To penetrate, as a missile; to dart with a piercing sensation; as, shooting pains.
XII. Shoot ·vi To discharge a missile;
- said of an engine or instrument; as, the gun shoots well.
XIII. Shoot ·vi To move ahead by force of momentum, as a sailing vessel when the helm is put hard alee.
XIV. Shoot ·vi To Grow; to Advance; as, to shoot up rapidly.
XV. Shoot ·vi To pass rapidly through, over, or under; as, to shoot a rapid or a bridge; to shoot a sand bar.
XVI. Shoot ·vi To Germinate; to Bud; to Sprout.
XVII. Shoot ·vi To cause an engine or weapon to discharge a missile;
- said of a person or an agent; as, they shot at a target; he shoots better than he rides.
XVIII. Shoot ·vi To push or thrust forward; to Project; to Protrude;
- often with out; as, a plant shoots out a bud.
XIX. Shoot ·vi To be shot or propelled forcibly;
- said of a missile; to be emitted or driven; to move or extend swiftly, as if propelled; as, a shooting star.
XX. Shoot ·vi To let fly, or cause to be driven, with force, as an arrow or a bullet;
- followed by a word denoting the missile, as an Object.
XXI. Shoot ·vi To discharge, causing a missile to be driven forth;
- followed by a word denoting the weapon or instrument, as an object;
- often with off; as, to shoot a gun.
XXII. Shoot ·vi To Protrude; to Jut; to Project; to Extend; as, the land shoots into a promontory.
XXIII. Shoot ·vi To strike with anything shot; to hit with a missile; often, to kill or wound with a firearm;
- followed by a word denoting the person or thing hit, as an Object.
XXIV. Shoot ·vi To send out or forth, especially with a rapid or sudden motion; to cast with the hand; to Hurl; to Discharge; to Emit.
XXV. Shoot ·noun An inclined plane, either artificial or natural, down which timber, coal, ·etc., are caused to slide; also, a narrow passage, either natural or artificial, in a stream, where the water rushes rapidly; ·esp., a channel, having a swift current, connecting the ends of a bend in the stream, so as to shorten the course.
(shoots, shooting, shot)
Frequency: The word is one of the 1500 most common words in English.
If someone shoots a person or an animal, they kill them or injure them by firing a bullet or arrow at them.
The police had orders to shoot anyone who attacked them...
The man was shot dead by the police during a raid on his house...
Her father shot himself in the head with a shotgun.
VERB: V n, V n with adj, V n in n
To shoot means to fire a bullet from a weapon such as a gun.
He taunted armed officers by pointing to his head, as if inviting them to shoot...
The police came around the corner and they started shooting at us...
She had never been able to shoot straight...
VERB: V, V at n, V adv/prep
If someone or something shoots in a particular direction, they move in that direction quickly and suddenly.
They had almost reached the boat when a figure shot past them...
VERB: V adv/prep
If you shoot something somewhere or if it shoots somewhere, it moves there quickly and suddenly.
Masters shot a hand across the table and gripped his wrist...
You'd turn on the water, and it would shoot straight up in the air.
VERB: V n prep/adv, V adv/prep
If you shoot a look at someone, you look at them quickly and briefly, often in a way that expresses your feelings.
Mary Ann shot him a rueful look...
The man in the black overcoat shot a penetrating look at the other man.
VERB: V n n, V n at n
If someone shoots to fame, they become famous or successful very quickly.
Alina Reyes shot to fame a few years ago with her extraordinary first novel...
VERB: V to n
When people shoot a film or shoot photographs, they make a film or take photographs using a camera.
He'd love to shoot his film in Cuba...
Shoot is also a noun.
...a barn presently being used for a video shoot.
Shoots are plants that are beginning to grow, or new parts growing from a plant or tree.
N-COUNT: usu pl
In sports such as football or basketball, when someone shoots, they try to score by kicking, throwing, or hitting the ball towards the goal.
Spencer scuttled away from Young to shoot wide when he should have scored...
VERB: V adv/prep
see also shooting
, shot
If you shoot the breeze or shoot the bull with someone, you talk to them about things which are not very serious or important. (mainly AM INFORMAL)
They expected me to sit up and shoot the breeze with them till one or two in the morning...
I also met with Pollack again to kind of shoot the bull.
PHRASE: V inflects, PHR with n, pl-n V
to shoot from the hip: see hip



In botany, a plant shoot consists of any plant stem together with its appendages like, leaves and lateral buds, flowering stems, and flower buds. The new growth from seed germination that grows upward is a shoot where leaves will develop. In the spring, perennial plant shoots are the new growth that grows from the ground in herbaceous plants or the new stem or flower growth that grows on woody plants.

In everyday speech, shoots are often synonymous with stems. Stems, which are an integral component of shoots, provide an axis for buds, fruits, and leaves.

Young shoots are often eaten by animals because the fibers in the new growth have not yet completed secondary cell wall development, making the young shoots softer and easier to chew and digest. As shoots grow and age, the cells develop secondary cell walls that have a hard and tough structure. Some plants (e.g. bracken) produce toxins that make their shoots inedible or less palatable.

Pronunciation examples for shoot
1. You got to focus shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot.
Photography _ Thomas Hawk _ Talks at Google
2. Shoot! Shoot! Shoot them, Daddy!
The fall (2006)
3. and just shoot, shoot, shoot, or do
Photographs from the Edge _ Art Wolfe _ Talks at Google
4. Shoot him. Shoot him.
Red Dragon (2002)
5. don't shoot, don't shoot.
From The Law Books to The Battlefield _ Gadi Ezra _ Talks at Google
Examples of use of shoot
1. We cannot go to market, the Americans shoot, the Iraqi police shoot and the Iraqi army shoot.
2. "I tell the guards, if they shoot one bullet, then you shoot 100.
3. "Boom! ... When you shoot the cop, you shoot them dead, OK?
4. If you shoot, we shoot back with the most sophisticated weapons we are capable of producing.
5. We hit them hard and they shoot; kill them and they shoot.