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Woodwright shop; The woodwright shop; The woodwrights shop; The woodright shop; The woodright's shop; The woodrights shop; Woodrights shop; Woodright shop; Woodwright's shop; Woodwrights shop

¦ adjective Brit. (of an article) made dirty or imperfect by being displayed or handled in a shop.
Draft:SOILED (Magazine); SOILED (Magazine)
·Impf & ·p.p. of Soil.
Draft:SOILED (Magazine); SOILED (Magazine)
see soil


The Woodwright's Shop

The Woodwright's Shop is an American traditional woodworking show hosted by master carpenter Roy Underhill and airing on television network PBS. It is one of the longest running how-to shows on PBS, with thirty-five 13-episode seasons produced. Since its debut in 1979, the show has aired over 400 episodes. The first two seasons were broadcast only on public TV in North Carolina; the season numbering was restarted when the show went national in 1981. It is filmed at the UNC-TV (University of North Carolina Center for Public Television) studios in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

Examples of use of shop-soiled
1. Several chains are also offering worn or shop– soiled stock to satisfy demand.
2. If there is a risk in style–not–substance, it is that Blair has left it shop–soiled.
3. In an interview, the Chancellor laughed off suggestions that he would look "shop soiled" come the possible 200' polling day.
4. Riven into two warring factions grouped around a damaged and fading leader and an impatiently ambitious heir apparent, it looks cynical, shop–soiled and tired.
5. Like all such operators in the delicate world of money, power and the social cachet which still attaches to a shop–soiled British peerage – a title, not political influence or a vote in parliament is what most aspirants want – Lord Levy would passionately deny any connection between donations and a peerage which is not in his gift.