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short and sweet         
Short and Sweet (disambiguation)
brief and pleasant.
Short and Sweet (festival)         
Short+Sweet is a multi-form arts platform presenting festivals in theatre, dance, music-theatre, comedy and cabaret co-ordinated in multiple counties globally. The unifying feature of all works presented at the festival is they must be no longer than ten-minutes.
Short and Sweet (album)         
Short and Sweet is a 1992 album recorded by the American singer Little Annie (real name Annie Bandez, also known as Annie Anxiety).


Short and Sweet
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Pronunciation examples for short and sweet
1. short and sweet.
Shadows of Self _ Brandon Sanderson _ Talks at Google
2. but short and sweet.
Soul Surfer _ Bethany Hamilton _ Talks at Google
3. Short and sweet-- empower teachers.
By All Means Paint _ Sydney Chaffee _ Talks at Google
4. I'm gonna keep this short and sweet
Red (2010)
5. I'm gonna keep this short and sweet
Red (2010)
Examples of use of short and sweet
1. " If you make your argument short and sweet, you will get a short and sweet answer.
2. Besides, the narrative could‘ve been short and sweet, not stretched as is the case here.
3. Heeding the advice of parents who had gone before me, I made my goodbye short and sweet.
4. Playing cricket is exciting, to be short and sweet, either you play in West Indies or New Zealand or South Africa.
5. I will just make this short and sweet. – Paul, London Add your comment Name: Your email address will not be publishedEmail: Town and country: Terms and conditionsYour comment: make text area biggerYou have characters left.