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Shortcuts; Short cut; Shortcut (disambiguation); Draft:Shortcut (film); Shortcut (film)

<file system> Microsoft Corporation's term for a {symbolic link}, stored as a file with extension ".lnk". Shortcuts first appeared in 1996 in the Windows 95 operating system. Windows shortcuts can link to any file or directory ("folder"), including those on remote computers, using UNC paths. Each shortcut can also have its own icon. A shortcut that links to an executable file can pass arguments and specify the directory in which the command should run. Unlike a Unix symbolic link, a shortcut does not always behave exactly like the target file or directory. Compare pif. (2001-12-18)
1) to take a shortcut
2) a shortcut to (a shortcut to success)



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Pronunciation examples for shortcut
1. shortcut here?
Ibram X. Kendi _ The Heartbeat of Anti-racism _ Equity Talks
2. Yeah, there's a shortcut.
How Blind Users Experience Youtube _ Victor Tsaran _ Talks at Google
3. But there's no shortcut.
Dominique Ansel _ Everyone Can Bake _ Talks at Google
4. nipping along that shortcut.
Origins - How The Earth Made Us _ Lewis Dartnell _ Talks at Google
5. There is no shortcut.
Dominique Ansel _ Everyone Can Bake _ Talks at Google
Examples of use of shortcut
1. There is no shortcut solution for the problem of education.
2. That shortcut was created in 1''7 to streamline approvals.
3. Your comments Everyday that I walk to work, I take a shortcut through Lambs‘ Passage!L.
4. "My father used that tract as a shortcut to his friend‘s house," the paper quoted V.
5. Now even that shortcut has been superseded by ready–made versions available at the chilled counter.