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What (who) is show cause order - definition

show cause order      
n. an order of the court, also called an order to show cause or OSC, directing a party to a lawsuit to appear on a certain date to show cause why the judge should not issue a specific order or make a certain finding. Examples: an order to a husband directing that he show cause why the wife in a divorce action should not be awarded $1,000 a month alimony (spousal support) and $500 a month child support, why the husband should not be ordered to stay away, and why the wife should not have temporary custody of their child. See also: order to show cause
order to show cause      
n. a judge's written mandate that a party appear in court on a certain date and give reasons, legal and/or factual, (show cause) why a particular order should not be made. This rather stringent method of making a party appear with proof and legal arguments is applied to cases of possible contempt for failure to pay child support, sanctions for failure to file necessary documents or appear previously, or to persuade the judge he/she should not grant a writ of mandate against a governmental agency. See also: O.S.C.
Order to show cause      
An order to show cause is a type of court order that requires one or more of the parties to a case to justify, explain, or prove something to the court. Courts commonly use orders to show cause when the judge needs more information before deciding whether or not to issue an order requested by one of the parties.
Examples of use of show cause order
1. In issuing the show–cause order, the court expressed reservations about the plea agreement.
2. After the hearing, the petitioners expressed satisfaction with the court‘s decision to issue the show–cause order.
3. The court issued a show–cause order last month requiring Mazuz to defend the deal, following several petitions demanding harsher terms for Katsav.
4. Then, they can either reject the petitions outright or issue a show–cause order that would require Mazuz to respond in greater detail.
5. Advertisement A show–cause order against an attorney general‘s decision not to indict is exceptional even if the court ultimately rules in his favor.