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Double Up (U.S. game show)

show up      
1) (D; tr.) to show up as (the incident showed him up as a charlatan)
2) (s) he showed up drunk
show up      
show up      
If something shows up or if something shows it up, it can be clearly seen or noticed.
You may have some strange disease that may not show up for 10 or 15 years...
...a telescope so powerful that it can show up galaxies billions of light years away...
PHRASAL VERB: V P, V P n (not pron)
If someone or something shows you up, they make you feel embarrassed or ashamed of them.
He wanted to teach her a lesson for showing him up in front of Leonov...
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Double Up (American game show)

Double Up is an American game show that aired on NBC Saturday mornings from September 5 to October 17, 1992. J. D. Roth hosted as well as being one of its executive producers. A rap DJ named Disco served as announcer. (Dick Clark Productions and MCA TV had produced a completely unrelated pilot in 1987 also called Double Up, hosted by Jamie Farr; the show was not picked up, but Farr was still promoted as being host of the show when he appeared during 2 "Game Show Hosts" weeks in 1987 and 1988 on the NBC game show Scrabble.)

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Examples of use of show up
1. Sometimes I‘d show up and he didn‘t, sometimes he‘d show up and I didn‘t.
2. And those scheduling appointments don‘t always show up.
3. Signs of poaching show up nearly every week, Beasley said.
4. "You don‘t show up on the doorstep, pounding," he said.
5. Why didn‘t she show up when the king summoned her?