showery - meaning and definition. What is showery
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What (who) is showery - definition

Rainy, wet.
If the weather is showery, there are showers of rain but it does not rain all the time.
·adj Of or pertaining to a shower or showers.
II. Showery ·adj Raining in showers; abounding with frequent showers of rain.
Examples of use of showery
1. Showery rain is possible during a muggy, early evening.
2. This contrast combined with the showery and windy conditions.
3. And tomorrow is expected to be a showery day, the forecaster said.
4. It looks like next week will be a bit more showery, though." Scroll down for more...
5. Tewkesbury Abbey before and after the floods hit Gloucestershire There could be some showery rain overnight but the summer sun is set to continue now that the jet stream above Britain has finally shifted further north.