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Shut down; Shut Down (disambiguation); ShutDown; Shut-down; Shut-Down; Shut Down; Shut down (disambiguation); Shut Down (song); Shutdown (song); Shutdown (single); Shutdown (disambiguation)

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A shutdown is the closing of a factory, shop, or other business, either for a short time or for ever.
The shutdown is the latest in a series of painful budget measures...
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¦ noun a closure of a factory or instance of turning off a machine or computer.
shut down         
If a factory or business shuts down or if someone shuts it down, work there stops or it no longer trades as a business.
Smaller contractors had been forced to shut down...
It is required by law to shut down banks which it regards as chronically short of capital...
Mr Buzetta sold the newspaper's assets to its competitor and shut it down.
PHRASAL VERB: V P, V P n (not pron), V n P
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Shutdown or shut down may refer to:

  • Government shutdowns in the United States
  • Shutdown (computing)
  • Shutdown (economics)
  • Shutdown (nuclear reactor)
Pronunciation examples for shutdown
1. led to the shutdown?
The Story of Wax Trax! Records _ Julia Nash and Mark Skillicorn _ Talks at Google
2. shutdown as an opportunity.
The Impulse Society _ Paul Roberts _ Talks at Google
3. said that that shutdown, that four month shutdown,
The Evolution of a Corporate Idealist - When Girl Meets Oil _ Christine Bader _ Talks at Google
4. # expect us. We will #shutdown"
5. allowed to impose a shutdown.
India's Smartphone Revolution _ Ravi Agrawal _ Talks at Google
Examples of use of shutdown
1. A company spokesman said the shutdown was a planned biannual shutdown, but did not immediately confirm the price increase.
2. Rendell ordered a partial government shutdown Monday.
3. Acevedo blamed "legislative inaction" for the shutdown.
4. The shutdown also affects a linked platform with a capacity of 8,000 barrels per day plus natural gas that was to be restarted yesterday after a maintenance shutdown.
5. Tuesday following its shutdown on Jan. 4, UES said.