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Shuttles; Shuttle service; Shuttle (disambiguation); Shuttle Service; Shuttling

¦ noun
1. a form of transport that travels regularly between two places.
short for space shuttle.
2. a bobbin with two pointed ends used for carrying the weft thread across between the warp threads in weaving.
a bobbin carrying the lower thread in a sewing machine.
3. short for shuttlecock.
¦ verb travel regularly between two or more places.
?transport in a shuttle.
OE scytel 'dart, missile', of Gmc origin; related to shoot.
(shuttles, shuttling, shuttled)
A shuttle is the same as a space shuttle
A shuttle is a plane, bus, or train which makes frequent journeys between two places.
...shuttle flights between London and Manchester.
N-COUNT: oft N n
If someone or something shuttles or is shuttled from one place to another place, they frequently go from one place to the other.
He and colleagues have shuttled back and forth between the three capitals...
Machine parts were also being shuttled across the border without authorisation.
VERB: V prep/adv, be V-ed prep/adv
vehicle used on an established route
1) to take a shuttle
2) a space shuttle
3) a shuttle between
v. (d; intr.) to shuttle between (these ships shuttle between the two ports)



The original meaning of the word shuttle is the device used in weaving to carry the weft. By reference to the continual to-and-fro motion associated with that, the term was then applied in transportation and then in other spheres. Thus the word may now also refer to:

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Examples of use of shuttle
1. After the Columbia disaster, a shuttle repair kit was included in all shuttle missions.
2. Later, shuttle managers officially deemed the shuttle fit for landing, NASA said.
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