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Pee shy; Pee Shy (band)

shy of      
informal less than; short of.
Shy Tory factor         
  • in 1992]].
  • [[Opinion polling for the 2015 United Kingdom general election]] underestimated the Conservative vote.
Shy Tory Effect; Silent Tory; Silent Tory Factor; Silent Tory Effect; Shy tory; Shy Tory Factor; Shy Tory
The shy Tory factor is a name given by British opinion polling companies to a phenomenon first observed by psephologists in the early 1990s. They observed that the share of the electoral vote won by the Conservative Party (known colloquially as the "Tories") was significantly higher than the equivalent share in opinion polls.
Six Pack Shy of Pretty         
Six Pack Shy Of Pretty (album)
...Six Pack Shy Of Pretty is the second album released by the Florida-based hard rock music group, Crease.


Pee Shy

Pee Shy (1993–1998) were an indie pop band from Tampa, Florida, whose clever, literate lyrics and unorthodox if primitive instrumentation led them to a brief major label career that ended just as they were attracting national commercial radio airplay. They released two albums for Mercury Records, played with artists including Stereolab, Luna, the Village People and Shannon Wright, and twice performed at the annual South by Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas. Their second album, Don't Get Too Comfortable, peaked at No. 2 in the national college music charts in February 1998.

Pronunciation examples for shy of
1. Don't be shy of it.
2. And though I'm shy of 50,
3. That's just shy of a gallon.
All In Nutrition _ Jason Phillips _ Talks at Google
4. just shy of the city line.
Trans Women Writers _ Imogen Binnie, Red Durkin + More _ Talks at Google
5. meant we were one shy of full capacity.
The Walls Around Us _ Nova Ren Suma _ Talks at Google
Examples of use of shy of
1. Russia is now only two billionaires shy of Germany‘s total.
2. "Modern politicians fight shy of talking about religion.
3. The government has fought shy of addressing this point directly.
4. He was about 40 delegates shy of victory on Friday.
5. The Paralympic standard is just shy of 11 seconds.