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Sib; SIB (disambiguation)

Service Independent building Block (Reference: IN)
·noun A blood relation.
II. Sib ·adj Related by blood; akin.
¦ abbreviation Securities and Investment Board.



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Examples of use of sib
1. But no one at the Strategic Infrastructure Brigade, (SIB), whose job it is to p...
2. The Army‘s Special Investigations Branch (SIB) has investigated 176 cases of alleged wrongful behaviour by soldiers in Iraq, many of these relating to firefights with insurgents.
3. The Royal Military Police Special Investigations Branch (SIB) has interrogated the two, one of whom was filmed kicking a Marine in the head, knocking him unconscious.
4. A year ago Staff Sergeant Denise Rose, who was also serving with the SIB, was found dead from a gunshot wound at a military camp in Basra.
5. Sources said a few conventional banks are also seriously working on plans to convert themselves into Islamic banks, following in the footsteps of SIB and EIB.