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Sickness pay; Sick pay; Carer's leave; Personal leave; Sick Day; Casual Leave; Medical leave; Sick time; Sickleave; Paid sick days; Sick day; Sickie; Paid sick leave; Call in sick; Called in sick; Calling in sick
  • California Governor [[Gavin Newsom]] speaks about sick leave for essential workers during the [[COVID-19 pandemic]] in 2020.

sick pay         
When you are ill and unable to work, sick pay is the money that you get from your employer instead of your normal wages. (BUSINESS)
They are not eligible for sick pay.
sick leave         
Sick leave is the time that a person spends away from work because of illness or injury. (BUSINESS)
I have been on sick leave for seven months with depression.
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If someone takes a sickie, they take a day off work saying that they are ill, especially when they are not actually ill. (INFORMAL)
Broughton took a sickie on Monday to paint his fence.


Sick leave

Sick leave (or paid sick days or sick pay) is paid time off from work that workers can use to stay home to address their health needs without losing pay. It differs from paid vacation time or time off work to deal with personal matters, because sick leave is intended for health-related purposes. Sick leave can include a mental health day and taking time away from work to go to a scheduled doctor's appointment. Some policies also allow paid sick time to be used to care for sick family members, or to address health and safety needs related to domestic violence or sexual assault. Menstrual leave is another type of time off work for a health-related reason, but it is not always paid.

In most nations, some or all employers are required to pay their employees for some time away from work when they are ill. Most European, many Latin American, a few African and a few Asian countries have legal requirements for paid sick leave for employees. In nations without laws mandating paid sick leave, some employers offer it voluntarily or as the result of a collective bargaining agreement. However, in countries with poorer labor laws such as South Korea, employees are usually forced to use paid vacation time for sick leaves, and the sick leaves exceeding the remaining vacation time are unpaid.

Even where sick leave is normally required for all employees, the business owner may not be considered an employee or have access to paid sick leave, especially in a microbusiness that is operated by the owners.

Paid sick leave can reduce employee turnover, increase productivity, and reduce the spread of disease in the workplace and in the community.

Examples of use of sick pay
1. After that, sick pay comes from the Social Security Fund, or FSS.
2. They received the minimum wage with no pension, no holiday, no sick pay.
3. His employer excludes sick pay and a pension from his benefits, he says.
4. They say company plans included the reduction of sick pay entitlement from 25 days a year to five.
5. They are seeking a "London living wage" of 6.70 an hour, 20 days‘ holiday, sick pay and a pension.