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(sicklier, sickliest)
A sickly person or animal is weak, unhealthy, and often ill.
He had been a sickly child.
A sickly smell or taste is unpleasant and makes you feel slightly sick, often because it is extremely sweet.
...the sickly smell of rum.
A sickly colour or light is unpleasantly pale or weak.
Wallpapers for children too often come only in sickly pastel shades.
ADJ: usu ADJ n
Weak, languid, faint, feeble, ailing, languishing, unhealthy, diseased, infirm, weakly, morbid, valetudinary.
·adv In a sick manner or condition; ill.
II. Sickly ·superl Appearing as if sick; weak; languid; pale.
III. Sickly ·superl Producing, or tending to, disease; as, a sickly autumn; a sickly climate.
IV. Sickly ·vt To make sick or sickly;
- with over, and probably only in the past participle.
V. Sickly ·superl Somewhat sick; disposed to illness; attended with disease; as, a sickly body.
VI. Sickly ·superl Tending to produce nausea; sickening; as, a sickly smell; sickly sentimentality.


Sage Francis

Paul William "Sage" Francis (born November 18, 1976) is an American independent underground rapper from Providence, Rhode Island. He is the founder and CEO of Strange Famous Records.

Pronunciation examples for sickly
1. It looks sickly.
2. after he was sickly and came home,
Tune In - The Beatles - All These Years _ Mark Lewisohn _ Talks at Google
3. as being less attractive, looking more sickly,
Why Sleep Matters _ Matthew Walker _ Talks at Google
4. It leaves the listener feeling sickly.
5. as if I were a sickly Edwardian child--
A Few Wicked Years _ Gregory Maguire _ Talks at Google
Examples of use of sickly
1. Her husband‘s campaign has said she had recovered from the illness. I don‘t look sickly, I don‘t feel sickly.
2. PSKOV –– Sergei Morshchinin‘s face had turned a sickly yellow.
3. One neighbor described Rose as "always looking sickly.
4. Andrew was a sickly child, and was schooled at home.
5. Sheep amble past mud–brick houses and the odd sickly palm tree shades children‘s games.