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SICKO; Controversies over the film Sicko; SiCKO; Sicko (film); Sikco (film); Sikco
  • Michael Moore at the [[2007 Cannes Film Festival]] receiving a standing ovation for ''Sicko''

¦ noun (plural sickos) informal a mentally ill or perverted person, especially a dangerous one.
Sicko (band)         
Sicko is an American rock group from Seattle, Washington, formed in 1991. Exceptionally, the three-piece pop punk group has maintained a constant membership for every recording as a band.
Sicko Sjaerdema         
Sikke Sjaardema (died 1260), alternatively spelled Sikko or Sicka, was the eighth potestaat of Friesland, a province of the Netherlands. The potestaat was the elected provincial ruler.



Sicko is a 2007 American political documentary film by filmmaker Michael Moore. Investigating health care in the United States, the film focuses on the country's health insurance and the pharmaceutical industry. Moore compares the for-profit non-universal U.S. system with the non-profit universal health care systems of Canada, the United Kingdom, France and Cuba.

Produced on a roughly $9 million budget, Sicko grossed $25 million theatrically in North America. This exceeded the official expectation of The Weinstein Company, which had hoped to be in line with Bowling for Columbine's $22 million U.S. box office gross.

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Examples of use of sicko
1. She told OK! magazine: "Pete is the sicko, not me.
2. Still, "Sicko" had the second–best documentary debut ever behind "Fahrenheit '/11." By comparison, "Ratatouille" opened in nearly 4,000 theaters, about nine times as many as "Sicko." Harvey Weinstein, co–chairman of the Weinstein Co., said he wanted to roll "Sicko" out slowly to give it a longer shelf life and keep Moore‘s stand for universal health care on the front burner.
3. The epic scale of "King Kong" seems to have dampened Jackson‘s sicko wit.
4. "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World‘s End," $5 million. '. "Sicko," $4.5 million. 10.
5. "i was good in SD." "I am not a sicko," he concluded.