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Side By Side; Side by Side (song); Side by Side (disambiguation); Side-by-side; Side-by-side (disambiguation); Side by Side (album); Side by Side (film); Side by Side; Side by side (disambiguation)

also sidefoot
In football, if a player side-foots the ball, they kick it with the side of their foot. (BRIT JOURNALISM)
Currie sidefooted his first goal of the season.
VERB: V n, also V
Side-foot is also a noun.
Anthony scored with a simple side-foot.
N-COUNT: usu sing
¦ verb kick (a ball) with the inside of the foot.
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Metrical foot; Metrical feet; Foot (poetry); Ionic Foot; Antispastus; Foot (linguistics); Poetic foot; Pedes; Phonological foot; Foot (meter); Tetrabrach; Proceleusmatic; Ditrochee; Diiamb; Antispast; Dispondee; Prosodic foot; Poetic feet
·noun A foot of four syllables, the first and fourth short, and the second and third long (#).


Side by side

Side by side or side-by-side may refer to:

Examples of use of side-foot
1. Gerrard found Luis Garcia, who sprinted clear and played in Crouch for a neat side–foot finish.
2. The new coach was soon punching the air with delight and relief when Tim Borowski‘s left–wing cross fell nicely for Schneider to side–foot into the top of the net.
3. Young Spanish central defender Gerard Pique played a fine pass to the left wing and the unmarked Kieran Richardson crossed for Frenchman Saha to side–foot the ball into the net past keeper Saul Deeney.
4. There is no problem, no reason, only a big squad and a lot of games." Liverpool took the lead after 31 minutes when Xabi Alonso, back after an ankle injury, split the home defence with a through–ball which allowed fellow Spaniard Luis Garcia to race away and side–foot past the helpless Ben Alnwick.
5. The only goal came three minutes before half–time when Razvan Rat slipped the ball into Fernandinho‘s path and he cut it back for Rodrigues Jadson to side–foot high into the net for only his second ever Champions League goal.