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Microsoft Sidewinder 3D Pro; GameVoice; Microsoft strategic commander; Microsoft Sidewinder Strategic Commander; Microsoft Sidewinder Strategic Commander.; Microsoft Sidewinder; Sidewinder Freestyle Pro; Microsoft Game Voice; Game Voice; Microsoft Sidewinder Game Voice; SideWinder
  • The Precision Pro joystick. The "hat" switch is visible at the top of the stick, and the throttle wheel at the bottom.
  • Microsoft Sidewinder with serial numbers beginning with 92626
  • Microsoft Sidewinder X5 Mouse
  • Microsoft Strategic Commander

Side winder; Side-winder; Sidewinder (snake); Sidewinder (roller coaster); Sidewinder (song); Sidewinder (disambiguation); C. cerastes
·noun ·see Horned rattler, under Horned.
II. Sidewinder ·noun A heavy swinging blow from the side, which disables an Adversary.
Side winder; Side-winder; Sidewinder (snake); Sidewinder (roller coaster); Sidewinder (song); Sidewinder (disambiguation); C. cerastes
sidewinder1 ['s??d?w??nd?]
¦ noun a nocturnal burrowing rattlesnake that moves sideways over sand by throwing its body into S-shaped curves. [Crotalus cerastes.]
sidewinder2 ['s??d?w?nd?]
¦ noun N. Amer. a heavy blow with the fist delivered from or on the side.
Sidewinder (character)         
Sidewinder (Seth Voelker); Sidewinder (Gregory Bryan); Sidewinder (comics)
Sidewinder is the name of three different fictional characters appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The original Sidewinder, Seth Voelker, first appeared in Marvel Two-in-One #64 (Jun 1980), created by writers Mark Gruenwald and Ralph Macchio.


Microsoft SideWinder

Microsoft SideWinder was the general name given to the family of digital game controllers developed by Microsoft for PCs. The line was first launched in 1995. Although intended only for use with Microsoft Windows, Microsoft SideWinder game controllers can also be used with macOS, Mac OS 9 with third-party software, and Linux.

The term "SideWinder" describes many types of Microsoft's PC game controllers including joysticks, gamepads and steering wheels. Several types of joysticks were made, including the Force Feedback 2, the 3D Pro, and the regular SideWinder joystick. Also, several types of gamepads were made, such as the original game port version, a plug-and-play game port version, and the USB version. Steering wheels are the Precision Racing Wheel and the Force Feedback Wheel variants which include throttle and brake pedals.

The family also includes some more exotic devices such as the SideWinder Game Voice system and the SideWinder Strategic Commander.

The SideWinder family of products was discontinued by Microsoft in 2003, citing poor sales. The company has since re-entered the gaming hardware market, in hopes of designing a standardized gamepad for Windows Vista with both the wired Xbox 360 controller and the Wireless Gaming Receiver that allows the use of the wireless Xbox 360 controller on the PC.

In August 2007, Microsoft announced they were relaunching the SideWinder line of gaming peripherals, starting with the SideWinder Mouse. The mouse was given an MSRP of $80 and a launch date of October 2007.

Pronunciation examples for sidewinder
1. "I'm a sidewinder baby Lookin for you"
Made by Hand _ Mark Frauenfelder _ Talks at Google
2. Well, hello there, young employee of the Sidewinder.
Ghost World (2001)
Examples of use of sidewinder
1. He provided key weapons systems and supplies, notably the Sidewinder missile, to the British task force.
2. But soon, Collard‘s attention was back on the ground, as he searched in some scrappy bushes for a sidewinder snake.
3. "This," explains Lusher, "is when a high–sided truck overtakes you and the caravan starts to undulate like a sidewinder.
4. In subsequent messages, Amran allegedly sought prices for 245 Sidewinder air–to–air missiles, hundreds of submachine guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition.
5. The television commentator described some of the equipment on show as Nazeat–6, heat–seeking Sidewinder and radar–guided Sparrow missiles.