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What (who) is sightless - definition

·adj That can not be seen; invisible.
II. Sightless ·adj Wanting sight; without sight; blind.
III. Sightless ·adj Offensive or unpleasing to the eye; unsightly; as, sightless stains.
Blind, eyeless, unseeing.
¦ adjective
1. unable to see; blind.
2. literary invisible.
sightlessly adverb
sightlessness noun


| screenplay = Cooper Karl
Examples of use of sightless
1. The new way to make sense of a frantic world is to be sightless for a weekend.
2. His enemies see him as a sightless, fairytale giant using only force and rage against his nimble tormentors.
3. "That‘s why they call me Calment," she chuckled, with a twinkle in her now almost sightless eyes.
4. She gave friends and family –– including everyone on Craig‘s side –– time to gather to say goodbye to the tiny boy with the big, sightless eyes.
5. Almost sightless, it relied on sonar–type signals to navigate the Yangtze and sense the presence of the fish that were its main diet.