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Hunter-killer sight; Optical sight; Gun sight; Gunsight; Sights; Gunsights; Pre-sighted artillery
  • Mark III free gun reflector sight mk 9 variant
  • A view through a 20× power telescopic sight
  • A [[Royal Canadian Sea Cadet]] looks through a machine gun sight.

1) to set one's sights on (she set her sights on a career in politics)
2) to lower; raise one's sights
3) (misc.) to set one's sights high
something worth seeing
4) to see, take in the sights (the tourists took in the sights)
a device on a gun or optical instrument used for assisting in precise aim or observation.
places of interest to tourists and other visitors.
Four sights         
  • Modern Thai temple mural (detail)
  • Seeing the sick man (at far left), [[Borobudur]], [[Indonesia]]
  • Modern Laotian depiction of the four sights.
Four Passing Sights; 4 sights
The four sights are four events described in the legendary account of Gautama Buddha's life which led to his realization of the impermanence and the ultimate dissatisfaction of conditioned existence. According to this legend, before these encounters Gautama Siddhartha had been confined to his palace by his father, who feared that he would become an ascetic if he came into contact with sufferings of life according to a prediction.


Sight (device)

A sight is an aiming device used to assist in visually aligning ranged weapons, surveying instruments or optical illumination equipments with the intended target. Sights can be a simple set or system of physical markers that have to be aligned together with the target (such as iron sights on firearms), or optical devices that allow the user to see an optically enhanced — often magnified — target image aligned in the same focus with an aiming point (e.g. telescopic sights, reflector sights and holographic sights). There are also sights that actively project an illuminated point of aim (a.k.a. "hot spot") onto the target itself so it can be observed by, such as laser sights and infrared illuminators on some night vision devices.

Pronunciation examples for sights
1. Look, the sights are great. I've seen the sights. I love the sights.
Mr Deeds (2002)
2. comes from incredible sights.
Darlin Oh Darlin _ The Hunts _ Talks at Google
3. have accurate gun sights.
Is The World Ready for The Age of AI _ Amir Husain _ Talks at Google
4. against conflicting sights and tones.
Danielewski _ Talks at Google
5. information that creates sights and
Lisa Feldman Barrett _ Talks at Google
Examples of use of sights
1. Afghanistan has many historical sights and attractions.
2. Far more journalistic responsibility is required in places where it is not always clear whether war brings about the "harsh sights" or the "harsh sights" bring about war.
3. Gates urged Fukuda‘s government to raise its sights considerably.
4. Escalating rocket fire will put its leaders in Israeli sights.
5. Pete Brewery in Heineken‘s Sights (Jul. 01, 2005)