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·vi To become converted into silica, or to be impregnated with silica.
II. Silicify ·vt To convert into, or to impregnate with, silica, or with the compounds of silicon.
¦ verb (silicifies, silicifying, silicified) convert into or impregnate with silica.
silicification noun
silicified adjective
  • Lithological]] silica are brought to surface through volcanic events whereas weathering of pre-existing rocks releases silica into the waters.
  • Left: Silicified hydrothermal [[breccia]]. The greyish white parts have undergone silicification. Right: Annotated diagram of the left image, showing features of a silicified breccia.
  • [[Opal]] embedded in [[jasper]]
  • This diagram shows the mechanics of silicification through dissolution of rock materials and precipitation of silica. Silica enriched fluids are usually supersaturated with silica so that when they seep into voids, silica precipitate out. On the other hand, these fluids are relatively undersaturated with other rock minerals, which leads to a dissolution of the minerals. These materials are carried away by the fluids and are replaced by silica.
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·noun Thae act or process of combining or impregnating with silicon or silica; the state of being so combined or impregnated; as, the silicification of wood.