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What (who) is simpatico - definition

¦ adjective
1. likeable and easy to get on with.
2. similar in attributes or interests; compatible.
from Ital. and Sp.
Simpatico (play)      
Simpatico is a play by American playwright Sam Shepard. It opened at the Joseph Papp Public Theater in New York on the night of 14 November 1994.
Simpatico (The Vandermark 5 album)      
Simpatico is an album by American jazz reedist Ken Vandermark, which was recorded in 1998 and released on Atavistic. It was the third recording of the Vandermark 5, the first with Dave Rempis replacing former saxophonist Mars Williams.


Simpatico may refer to:
Pronunciation examples for simpatico
1. simpatico with one another.
Green on Blue - A Novel _ Elliot Ackerman _ Talks at Google
2. There was so much simpatico about our approach to learning.
Transforming How the World Learns! _ Adam Tobin _ Talks at Google
3. They, obviously being brothers they have a strange sort of simpatico way of thinking
Stephen Merchant - Comedy, Radio and Career _ Talks at Google
4. So we have a simpatico with a large group who is very giving of the idea of we don't
A New Turn in The South _ Hugh Acheson _ Talks at Google
Examples of use of simpatico
1. Yet most simpatico, in the end, was Yelena Bonner –– Mrs.
2. And Saddam looks rather simpatico, if I can say that.
3. When you are in true simpatico with your horse, then you are a very contented person.
4. Only Michael, found a simpatico producer in Quincy Jones and moonwalked his way into a $500m fortune.
5. This money can go to a friend or a charity or, in a clever twist, you can stipulate that the payment go to a nonprofit whose goals aren‘t simpatico with yours.