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Storekeeper (US Navy); Aviation Storekeeper; Sk2

·noun One who keeps a "store;" a shopkeeper. ·see 1st Store, 3.
II. Storekeeper ·noun A man in charge of stores or goods of any kind; as, a naval storekeeper.
A storekeeper is a shopkeeper. (mainly AM)
¦ noun
1. a person responsible for stored goods.
2. N. Amer. a shopkeeper.



Storekeeper (SK) is an enlisted rating in the United States Coast Guard; until 2009 it was also a United States Navy rating, the most common supply rate in U.S. Navy vs. CS (culinary specialist) and SH (Ship's Serviceman) and very much equivalent to the MOS 92 of the U.S. Army. In the Navy this rating, together with PC (postal clerk), has been renamed or superseded by the rating logistics specialist (LS).

Pronunciation examples for storekeeper
1. Now apothecary comes from apothecarios, or storekeeper.
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2. One afternoon, I had tea with a storekeeper
Examples of use of storekeeper
1. Batiste came to the attention of the FBI in October 2005, when, according to prosecutors, he asked a local storekeeper of Middle Eastern descent to find help "back home," a word the storekeeper said was understood to mean al–Qaeda.
2. The night Sam headed back home, storekeeper James Bell was killed and his store set afire.
3. "We love GEMAP," said storekeeper Henry Williams, to nods from the crowd around his counter.
4. His shop was not touched, but the storekeeper next door was beaten.
5. She also helped uneducated gang members figure out how much they could extort from a storekeeper without bankrupting him.