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TYRO; TYRO programming language

·noun A beginner in learning; one who is in the rudiments of any branch of study; a person imperfectly acquainted with a subject; a novice.
(also tiro)
¦ noun (plural tyros) a beginner or novice.
ME: from L. tiro, med. L. tyro 'recruit'.
A tyro is a person who is just beginning to learn something or who has very little experience of something. (JOURNALISM)
...a tyro journalist.
N-COUNT: oft N n



In Greek mythology, Tyro (Ancient Greek: Τυρώ) was an Elean princess who later became Queen of Iolcus.

Tyro was the daughter of King Salmoneus of Elis and Alcidice. She married her uncle, King Cretheus of Iolcus but loved the river-god Enipeus. Tyro gave birth to twin sons, Pelias and Neleus, fathered by Poseidon. With Cretheus, she had three sons: Aeson, Pheres, and Amythaon. In mythology, Poseidon disguised himself as Enipeus to be with Tyro, resulting in the birth of Pelias and Neleus. The twins eventually avenged their mother's mistreatment by killing her stepmother, Sidero. Aeson, Tyro's son with Cretheus, was the father of Jason, a central figure in the Argonauts' quest for the Golden Fleece. Tyro later married her paternal uncle, Sisyphus, and had two children. Fearing a prophecy that her children would kill her father, Tyro killed them.

In popular culture, Ezra Pound references Tyro in his work, The Cantos.

Examples of use of tyro
1. The tyro powered to greater heights when he blasted through the defences of Hoggard.
2. As a recent ex–pro–turned tyro manager, he likes to talk technical.
3. Trevor Nunn then a tyro colleague at the RSC recently recalled Williamss daring and knowledge of his craft.
4. But Olmert, no political tyro, told his confidantes that it doesn‘t matter to him what the U.S. report says.
5. The tyro Tory leader was keen to demonstrate that the party does not speak only to those living in affluent areas.