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Variables; Variable notation; Variable (disambiguation)

Changeable, mutable, shifting.
Inconstant, unsteady, fickle, vacillating, wavering, fluctuating, fitful, mutable, versatile, shifting.
¦ adjective
1. not consistent or having a fixed pattern; liable to vary.
Mathematics (of a quantity) able to assume different numerical values.
Botany & Zoology (of a species) liable to deviate from the typical colour or form, or to occur in different colours or forms.
2. able to be changed or adapted.
(of a gear) designed to give varying ratios or speeds.
¦ noun a variable factor or quantity.
?Astronomy a star whose brightness changes (regularly or irregularly).
?(variables) the region of light, variable winds to the north of the NE trade winds or (in the southern hemisphere) between the SE trade winds and the westerlies.
variability noun
variableness noun
variably adverb
Something that is variable changes quite often, and there usually seems to be no fixed pattern to these changes.
The potassium content of foodstuffs is very variable...
...a variable rate of interest.
There's a great deal of variability between individuals.
A variable is a factor that can change in quality, quantity, or size, which you have to take into account in a situation.
Decisions could be made on the basis of price, delivery dates, after-sales service or any other variable...
A variable is a quantity that can have any one of a set of values. (TECHNICAL)
It is conventional to place the independent variable on the right-hand side of an equation.



Variable may refer to:

  • Variable (computer science), a symbolic name associated with a value and whose associated value may be changed
  • Variable (mathematics), a symbol that represents a quantity in a mathematical expression, as used in many sciences
  • Variable (research), a logical set of attributes
  • Variable star, a type of astronomical star
  • "The Variable", an episode of the television series Lost
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1. variables.
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Examples of use of variable
1. The actual subaccount fees for your particular variable annuity can be found inside your variable annuity prospectus.
2. Another variable is international sanctions on Iran.
3. Sputum production is variable and sometimes bloody.
4. "Another variable is international sanctions on Iran.
5. We‘ve got to look at transit, variable pricing, transit–oriented development. . . . Just looking at variable pricing as a solution is not the end–all.