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Linear assignment problem; Unbalanced assignment problem; Credit assignment problem

zero assignment      
<programming> A property of a programming language in which there are no variables but only functions. See also single assignment. (2003-12-22)
Assignment Zero         
Assignment zero
Assignment Zero (AZ) was an experiment in crowd-sourced journalism, allowing collaboration between amateur and professional journalists to collectively produce a piece of work that describes correlations between crowd-sourced techniques and a popular movement.
Assign; The Assignment; Assignment (disambiguation); Assignments; The Assignment (film)
1) to give smb. an assignment
2) to carry out an assignment (the ambassador carried out her assignment brilliantly)
3) a dangerous; difficult, rough, tough; easy assignment
4) an overseas; rush; special assignment
5) an assignment to + inf. (an assignment to guard the president)
6) on assignment ('on a mission') (the correspondent was on assignment in the Far East)
(esp. AE)
7) to give, hand out an assignment
8) to do; hand in an assignment (the pupils did their assignment)
9) a difficult; easy assignment
(esp. AE)
10) an assignment to (an assignment to a new job)


Assignment problem

The assignment problem is a fundamental combinatorial optimization problem. In its most general form, the problem is as follows:

The problem instance has a number of agents and a number of tasks. Any agent can be assigned to perform any task, incurring some cost that may vary depending on the agent-task assignment. It is required to perform as many tasks as possible by assigning at most one agent to each task and at most one task to each agent, in such a way that the total cost of the assignment is minimized.

Alternatively, describing the problem using graph theory:

The assignment problem consists of finding, in a weighted bipartite graph, a matching of a given size, in which the sum of weights of the edges is minimum.

If the numbers of agents and tasks are equal, then the problem is called balanced assignment. Otherwise, it is called unbalanced assignment. If the total cost of the assignment for all tasks is equal to the sum of the costs for each agent (or the sum of the costs for each task, which is the same thing in this case), then the problem is called linear assignment. Commonly, when speaking of the assignment problem without any additional qualification, then the linear balanced assignment problem is meant.