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"s winters - translation to dutch

Dolores Winters (comics); Dolores winters; Dolores Winters

's winters      
adv. in winter
Harry Truman         
  • Truman was so widely expected to lose the 1948 election that the ''[[Chicago Tribune]]'' had printed papers with this erroneous headline when few returns were in.
  • 1948 electoral vote results
  • 1945}}
  • Truman in uniform, {{circa}} 1918
  • Truman in September 1917.
  • 1999}} --></div>
  • Truman in an official portrait
  • Truman at age 13 in 1897
  • July 30, 1965}}, by President [[Lyndon B. Johnson]]
  • Officers of the 129th Field Artillery, at regimental headquarters at Chateau le Chanay near Courcemont, France, March 1919. Captain Harry S. Truman is pictured in the second row, third from the right.
  • Truman and Indian Prime Minister [[Jawaharlal Nehru]] during Nehru's visit to the United States, October 1949
  • President Truman conferring with labor leader [[Walter Reuther]] about economic policy in the Oval Office, 1952
  • Adlai Stevenson]], presidential nominee, in the Oval Office, 1952
  • Truman and Shah of Iran [[Mohammad Reza Pahlavi]] speaking at [[Washington National Airport]], during ceremonies welcoming him to the United States
  • Dewey]] (right) at dedication of the [[Idlewild Airport]], meeting for the first time since nominated by their respective parties for the Presidency
  • Truman with Greek-American sponge divers in Florida, 1947
  • Drawer from the Senate desk used by Truman
  • Wreath by Truman's casket, December 27, 1972
  • June 28, 1919}}
  • President Truman signing a proclamation declaring a national emergency and authorizing U.S. entry into the Korean War
  • Former President Harry Truman with "[[The Buck Stops Here]]" sign on a recreation of his Oval Office desk
  • Menorah]] from the prime minister of Israel, [[David Ben-Gurion]] (center). To the right is [[Abba Eban]], ambassador of Israel to the United States.
  • Truman's home]] in [[Independence, Missouri]]
  • View of the interior shell of the White House during renovation in 1950
President Truman; Harry S Truman; 33rd President of the United States; H. Truman; H. S. Truman; President Harry Truman; Harry S.Truman; Harry Truman; Harry Shipp Truman; Harry Shippe Truman; Harry Solomon Truman; Hary truman; H.S. Truman; Harry Truman's; Harry truman; Harold Truman; HST (president); President Harry S. Truman; President Harry S Truman; Death of Harry S. Truman; Thirty-third President of the United States; Harry Trueman; Truman (president); 34th Vice President of the United States; Vice President Truman; Thirty-fourth Vice President of the United States; VP Truman; Senator Truman; Vice Presidency of Harry S. Truman; 33rd President of America; 33rd President of USA; 33rd President of the US; 33rd President of the USA; 33rd President of the United States of America; 33rd U.S. President; 33rd U.S.A. President; 33rd US President; 33rd USA President; POTUS 33; POTUS33
Harry Truman (een amerikaans president)
  • This is one of the ''S-7''-class boats, ''S-13''. The Chinese Navy operated three boats of this class.
  • Italian MS 472, post-war configuration
  • Schnellboot S-1
  • Schnellboot-26
  • Schnellboot S-701 in April 1945.This torpedo boat was part of the 8th flotilla based in Ijmuiden. The S-701 had been delivered to the S-Bootwaffe in July, 1944. The S-701 was surrendered to the U.S. Navy in 1945 and then sold to the Dutch Navy.
E-Boat; E-boats; E boats; E boat; E Boat; Schnellboote; S-boot; E-Boats; E Boats; Eboat; S.100 Schnellboot; German E Boat; Shnellboot; Schnellboot; S-Boat


literary years.


Delores Winters

Delores Winters is a DC Comics character, originally named Dolores Winters. Until recently her main role in DC Universe history has been as a body occupied by the Ultra-Humanite in the 1940s, but she has made more significant appearances in current continuity.

Delores Winters appears in the third and final season of The CW network television series Stargirl, portrayed by Meredith Garretson.