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Albion - translation to dutch

Albion, ancient Roman name for Britain (History)
Great Britain         
  • [[Canterbury Cathedral]], seat of the [[Church of England]] – the island's largest denomination
  • <div style="font-size:11px; text-align: center;">Political definition of Great Britain (<small>dark green</small>)</div><div style="font-size:11px">&nbsp;– in [[Europe]] (<small>green & dark grey</small>)</div><div style="font-size:11px">&nbsp;– in the [[United Kingdom]] (<small>green</small>)</div>
  • View of Britain's coast from [[Cap Gris-Nez]] in northern France
  • [[Glasgow Cathedral]], a meeting place of the [[Church of Scotland]]
  • Highlands]] at [[Dornoch]]
  • ''Prima Europe tabula''. A copy of [[Ptolemy]]'s 2nd-century map of Roman Britain. See notes to image above.
  • s2cid=163631018 }}</ref> Whether he did so is a much debated issue. This "copy" appears in blue below.
  • access-date=15 August 2011}}</ref>
Great Britian; Great britain; Great-Britain; Island of Great Britain; Great Brittain; Gret Bryton; Great Britian's; Great Britain's; British mainland; Mainland Britain; Breatainn Mhòr; Breatainn Mhor; Prydain Fawr; Gran Bretaña; Ile of Britain; Britannia Major; Gt. Brit; Metropolitan Britain; Storbritannien; Isle of Britain; Grate Britain; Great Britain (GB); Terminology of Great Britain; GREAT BRITAIN; UK mainland; Mainland UK; Britain (island); Great Britain (island); Mainland United Kingdom; England, Scotland and Wales; England and Wales and Scotland; England, Wales and Scotland; England, Scotland, and Wales; England, Wales, and Scotland; Island of Britain; Großbritannien; Britain's languages; Great Britain's languages; Great Breetain
Groot Engeland
n. Albion, Britain (zoals genoemd door de Romeinen)


·noun An ancient name of England, still retained in poetry.


Albion is an alternative name for Great Britain. The oldest attestation of the toponym comes from the Greek language.
Pronunciation examples for Albion
1. learned from Fritz and New Albion.
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2. Jack started New Albion Brewery in Sonoma.
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3. and cobbled together a brewery called New Albion,
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4. That project, New Albion, was kind of doomed
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5. visited Jack and the brewery at New Albion.
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Examples of use of Albion
1. Chiles supports West Bromwich Albion, which isn‘t really in Birmingham.
2. Nathan Ellington pulled a goal back late on for Albion.
3. The teenagers met at Albion High School, Salford.
4. "This is a very important time for West Bromwich Albion.
5. His brother and former Albion and Raith manager, Peter, paid tribute.