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âgé - translation to English

AGE; Age (disambiguation); AGE (disambiguation)

old, aged
plus âgé      
senior, older
James Agee         
James Agee (1909-1955), American author who wrote the novel "A Death in the Family"


stage of life
1) to live to, reach an age
2) an advanced, (ripe) old, venerable age (she lived to a ripe old age)
3) an early, tender, young age (at an early age; at a very young age)
4) middle age
5) (a) college; high-school (AE); preschool; school age
6) (a) retirement, retiring (BE) age
7) a legal age; the age of consent
8) at an age (at a tender age; at the age of six)
9) of an age (people of all ages)
10) (misc.) to come of age ('to reach one's majority'); to look one's age ('to not have a youthful appearance')
11) to usher in an age (to usher in the computer age)
12) a golden; heroic age
13) the Dark; Middle ages (during the Middle ages)
14) the Bronze; Ice; Iron; nuclear; Stone age
15) in an age (in the nuclear age)
16) for ages
17) through the ages



Age or AGE may refer to:

Pronunciation examples for âgé
1. age.
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2. age.
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3. -Age.
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Examples of use of âgé
1. La géroutocratie fait que le plus âgé domine le cadet.
2. Frère Roger, d‘origine suisse, était âgé de '0 ans. (publicité)
3. L‘électorat, en particu–lier âgé et populaire, n‘apprécie pas.
4. Plus âgé, ce n‘est pas terrible sur le plan neurologique!
5. Le dernier, âgé de 17 ans, est mort mercredi matin.