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AGE; Age (disambiguation); AGE (disambiguation)

d'une cinquantaine d'années      
old, aged
n. age, length of time that a person or organism has been alive; length of time that an object has existed; period, era; generation


stage of life
1) to live to, reach an age
2) an advanced, (ripe) old, venerable age (she lived to a ripe old age)
3) an early, tender, young age (at an early age; at a very young age)
4) middle age
5) (a) college; high-school (AE); preschool; school age
6) (a) retirement, retiring (BE) age
7) a legal age; the age of consent
8) at an age (at a tender age; at the age of six)
9) of an age (people of all ages)
10) (misc.) to come of age ('to reach one's majority'); to look one's age ('to not have a youthful appearance')
11) to usher in an age (to usher in the computer age)
12) a golden; heroic age
13) the Dark; Middle ages (during the Middle ages)
14) the Bronze; Ice; Iron; nuclear; Stone age
15) in an age (in the nuclear age)
16) for ages
17) through the ages



Age or AGE may refer to:

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1. age.
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2. age.
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3. -Age.
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Examples of use of âge
1. Sylvie Arsever Jeudi 3 juillet 2008 Age adulte, âge m$';r, âge viril...
2. Avez–vous le sentiment de venir apr';s un âge d‘or? – S‘il y a eu un âge d‘or des soucis pour l‘environnement, c‘était un âge douloureux pour l‘environnement!
3. Sos 3e âge se rend ŕ Khenchela Lassociation SOS 3e âge sest rendue récemment ŕ Khenchela.
4. L‘idée serait de créer un âge plancher ŕ 62 ans et un âge plafond ŕ 70 ans.
5. Figures sociales d‘un autre âge, régression assurée.