âge d"homme - translation to
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âge d"homme - translation to

Arena Homme+; Homme+; Arena Homme Plus; Arena Homme

âge d'homme      
n. manhood


Suffix placed on the end of just about anything for no particular reason. Sometimes used just for variety, sometimes used to create interjections from verbs. Used extensively at one time by Amanda Quan of Seattle, WA.
A. Hook me up some cheeseage. 2. (After pulling off a difficult nosegrind on your skateboard) Ooh! Grindage!


Arena Homme +

Arena Homme + is a fashion magazine for men published biannually since 1994. The first issue was published in Spring/Summer 1994. The founding editor-in-chief is Kathryn Flett. It is published by Ashley Heath and editor-in-chief is the stylist & former Dior Homme campaign model Max Pearmain. The current art director is Ben Kelway.

Arena Homme + came from the monthly Arena which itself was started out of The Face offices. Arena Homme + is also the 'brother' magazine to the women's fashion biannual Pop.