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âne - translation to English

ANE; Ane (disambiguation); ANE (disambiguation)

n. (Zoology) ass, donkey
Dean, family name; male first name
n. year; twelvemonth


¦ suffix variant spelling of -an, often with a distinction of sense (such as humane compared with human).
¦ suffix Chemistry forming names of saturated hydrocarbons: propane.



Ane or ane may refer to:

  • Āne, a village in Latvia
  • Ane, Netherlands, a village in Overijssel, Netherlands, also
    • Battle of Ane (1227), a battle fought near the village
  • -ane, a suffix in organic chemistry, or specifically
    • Alkanes, which take this suffix
  • Aun, a mythological king of Sweden
  • Ane River, a river in Shiga Prefecture, Japan

The acronym ANE may refer to:

  • Ancient Near East
  • The All Night Express, a wrestling stable in ROH
  • Ancient North Eurasian, archaeogenetic lineage
  • Angers – Loire Airport, Angers, France (IATA airport code ANE)
  • Anoka County–Blaine Airport, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States (FAA airport code ANE)
  • Anthro New England, annual furry convention in northeast America
Pronunciation examples for âne
1. SLO ANE: I really wouldn't lie to you.
RocknRolla (2008)
2. SLO ANE: No, no, no. They got money.
RocknRolla (2008)
Examples of use of âne
1. Depuis quelques années plein de monde veut son âne.
2. On n‘obtient rien d‘un âne si l‘on n‘a pas un rapport de confiance profond avec lui.
3. En apothéose, il apparaît en clown, tenue zébrée, cavalant sur un... âne.
4. Sa femme est insupportable, son âne borné. A moins que ce ne soit l‘inverse.
5. Peu apr';s, il se trouve ŕ batifoler avec les chiens et un âne dans le jardin.