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ça suffit - translation to English

Cà Ma; Ca Ma; Ca Mau, Vietnam; Ca Mau city; Cà Mau (city); Ca Mau City; Ca Mau (city); Cà Mau City; Ca Mau; History of Cà Mau

ça suffit      
that's enough, that's it, that's okay, that's ok, that's okey, that's o.k., good enough, cut it out!


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Cà Mau

Cà Mau (listen) is a city in southern Vietnam. It is the capital of Cà Mau Province, a province in the Mekong Delta region, in the southernmost part of Vietnam's inland territory (mainland). The city is characterised by its system of transport canals, and most goods are transported there by boats and barges.

The population is approximately 315,270 as of 2018. Cà Mau is accessible by road (360 km south-west of Ho Chi Minh City) via National Route 1 or by air (Cà Mau Airport). The city is administratively subdivided into eight urban phường (ward) and seven rural (commune).

Examples of use of ça suffit
1. Apr';s, on verra si ça suffit...» On verra, forcément.
2. Son dernier opus intitulé Ça suffit ! ne fait pas exception.
3. Apr';s une dizaine d‘années, toutefois... «Je me suis dit: ça suffit!
4. Alors, ça suffit de la clochardisation des logements en milieu rural et urbain ", dit–t–il.
5. Je suis moi et ça suffit.» Inutile de vouloir la contredire; cela paraît perdu d‘avance.