éboueur municipal - translation to English
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éboueur municipal - translation to English

Csd municipal; Municipal Bancafé; Municipal Bancafe; CSD Municipal; Municipal Guatemala
  • Municipal team that participated in the 1948 tournament in Cuba, holding the flag of the host country

éboueur municipal      
n. sanitation man


municipal court
n. a lower court which usually tries criminal misdemeanors and civil lawsuits involving lesser amounts of money than superior, district or county courts. The authority, importance and geographical area covered differ from state to state. In California, municipal courts have county-wide jurisdiction, try misdemeanor criminal cases, conduct preliminary hearings of felonies and try cases up to $25,000, while in many states they only handle cases arising out of violations of city ordinances, traffic and/or small claims. See also: court


C.S.D. Municipal

Club Social y Deportivo Municipal, also known as Municipal or Los Rojos (the Reds), is a Guatemalan professional football club based in Guatemala City.

They compete in the Liga Nacional, the top tier of Guatemalan football, and play their home matches at the Estadio El Trébol. As of 2015, they are the team that has remained the most years at the top level in Guatemala, having done so since the inception of the national league in 1942. They have won the domestic league 31 times; most recently winning the 2019 Apertura tournament. They won the CONCACAF Champions' Cup in 1974.

Municipal is the most popular football club in Guatemala and are traditional arch-rivals of Comunicaciones, who is also based in Guatemala City, and with whom they share the lead in all-time league titles in the country with 31 each as of 2022.