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être allongé - translation to English


être allongé      


·v A thrust or pass; a lunge.
II. Allonge ·vi To thrust with a sword; to Lunge.
III. Allonge ·v A slip of paper attached to a bill of exchange for receiving indorsements, when the back of the bill itself is already full; a rider.



An allonge (from French allonger, "to draw out") is a slip of paper affixed to a negotiable instrument, as a bill of exchange, for the purpose of receiving additional endorsements for which there may not be sufficient space on the bill itself. An endorsement written on the allonge is deemed to be written on the bill itself. An allonge is more usually met with in countries using the Napoleonic Code, as the code requires every endorsement to express the consideration. Under English law, the simple signature of the endorser on the bill, without additional words, is sufficient to operate as a negotiation and so an allonge is seldom necessary.

Examples of use of être allongé
1. Pendant l‘amputation, il lui fallait être allongé sur le corps du blessé, assisté par les sauveteurs.