être au gouvernement - translation to English
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être au gouvernement - translation to English

Gouvèrnément d'Jèrri; Jersey Government; Gov.je
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être au gouvernement      
hold office


1. <networking> The two character country code for Australia used in Internet domain names. 2. <filename extension> audio. (1995-02-15)


Government of Jersey

The Government of Jersey (Jèrriais: Gouvèrnément d'Jèrri) is the executive body of the States of Jersey and is the central government of the Bailiwick of Jersey. The government is led by the Chief Minister (currently Kristina Moore, since 2022), who nominates all the remaining ministers, all elected by the States Assembly.

All Ministers of the Government are required to be elected States members and are accountable to it. They make statements in and take questions from the assembly. The government is dependent on the assembly to make primary legislation, however ministers can make secondary legislation, such as Orders and Regulations. The government is not formed of one single party, but made of multiple independent members.

The 'Government of Jersey' is the official identity of the executive and administrative arm of the States of Jersey. The government no longer uses the term States of Jersey in reference to executive and administrative departments.

Examples of use of être au gouvernement
1. M. Soltani ne voit pas de contradiction entre être au gouvernement et critiquer son action.