île de Pascua - translation to french
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île de Pascua - translation to french

Île Lamèque; Ile de Lameque; Île de lamèque; Île de Lamèque; Lameque Island; Ile de lameque; Ile Lameque
  • Ecological Park of the Acadian Peninsula in Lamèque

île de Pascua      
Isla de Pascua, Easter Island, island in the Pacific ocean belonging to Chile


·noun Ear of corn.
II. Ile ·noun An Isle.
III. Ile ·noun An Aisle.


Lamèque Island

Lamèque Island (French: Île Lamèque), (formerly Shippegan Island or Shippigan Island), is a Canadian island in the Gulf of St. Lawrence at the northeastern tip of Gloucester County, New Brunswick.

The island has an area of 150 square kilometres (58 sq mi). It is separated from mainland North America on the south by the Shippagan Gut with the island forming Lameque Bay, Shippagan Harbour and Shippagan Bay west of this channel. The island is separated from Miscou Island on the north by the Miscou Channel, with both islands forming Miscou Harbour.

The Shippagan Gut is bridged between the town of Shippagan on the mainland to the local service district of Chiasson-Savoy on Lamèque Island by a 1,000-metre (3,300-foot) combination causeway-bridge with a lift bridge over a navigation channel for small craft.

The Miscou Channel is bridged between the community of Little Shippagan on Lamèque Island to the community of Miscou Harbour on Miscou Island by the 2000 metre Miscou Island Bridge.

Lamèque Island and Miscou Island separate Chaleur Bay from the Gulf of Saint Lawrence.