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Airbus SE; Aérospatiale-Matra; Aerospatiale-Matra; European Aeronautic Defence and Space; Airbus Industries; Aerospatiale Matra; Aerospatiale Matra Missiles; Airbus S.A.S.; Airbus SAS; Deutsche Airbus; European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company; European Aeronautic Defense & Space; EADS Astrium Ltd; AIRBUS; Air bus; European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company; Air-bus; Airbus North America; European Aeronautic Defence & Space Co.; EADS Deutschland; A³; EADS Innovation Works; Airbus.com; Airbus China; Airbus Japan; Airbus Middle East; Airbus Americas; Airbus Industrie; EADS N.V.; Airbus S. A. S.; PlantCML; Airbus NEO; Airbus A3xx series; Airbus Operations S.A.S.; Airbus Operation S.A.S.; Airbus Industriie; Airbus Americas, Inc.; Air Bus; EADS; European Aeronautic, Defense and Space Company; Airbus Transport International; Airbus Group SE; Airbus Group Bank; Airbus Group; European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company NV; Airbus Group NV; Airbus Industrie GIE; EADS NV; European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company N.V.; Airbus Group N.V.; Airbus Industrie G.I.E.; @Airbus; Airbus Commercial Aircraft; Controversies surrounding Airbus
  • [[Airbus A320]], the company's best-selling airliner
  • VIP aircraft [[Airbus A330]] of [[Qatar Amiri Flight]] taxiing at [[Zagreb Airport]]
  • An [[Airbus A330neo]] and a [[Qatar Airways]] [[Airbus A350-900]] at [[Toulouse-Blagnac Airport]]
  • The first [[A400M]] in Seville, 26 June 2008
  • The Airbus factory at [[Broughton, Flintshire]], [[Wales]], UK

A3, a standard European size of paper, 420 &mul


¦ noun a standard European size of paper, 420 . 297 mm.



Airbus SE (; French: [ɛʁbys] (listen); German: [ˈɛːɐ̯bʊs] (listen); Spanish: [ˈejɾβus]) is a European multinational aerospace corporation. Airbus designs, manufactures and sells commercial aircraft and has separate Defence and Space and Helicopters divisions. As of 2019, Airbus is the world's largest manufacturer of airliners as well as the leading helicopter manufacturer.

The company was founded in 1970 as a collaboration of European aerospace companies to develop and produce a wide-body aircraft to compete with American-built airliners, which would later merge together. Reflecting this multi-national origin, the company operates major offices and assembly plants in France, Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom, along with more recent additions in Canada, China, and the United States.

Airbus's registered headquarters is in Leiden, Netherlands, but its head office is located in Toulouse, France. The 'SE' in its corporate name means it is a societas Europaea, which enables it to be registered as a European rather than a national corporation. Its shares are traded in France, Germany, and Spain. The company is led by CEO Guillaume Faury and is a component of the Euro Stoxx 50 stock market index.

The company delivered its 12,000th aircraft in May 2019. In 2016, the company estimated that its fleet had performed more than 110 million flights, totalling over 215 billion kilometres and carrying 12 billion passengers.

Pronunciation examples for A3
1. what's called A3 Plus, A4.
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2. for A3, people will automatically think,
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Examples of use of A3
1. Les directeurs de Canal Algérie et de A3 limogés La direction de lENTV a effectué des changements ŕ la tęte des deux chaînes satellitaires, Canal Algérie et A3.
2. Zakaria ŕ la tęte, respectivement, de Canal Algérie et de A3.
3. A3: Rheinfelden (AG) – Zurich – Sargans (SG), 138km, entre 1'68 et 1''8.
4. Longue de 4, 27m, la Mercedes Classe B vise la Scenic de Renault, mais aussi lAudi A3 Sportback et la BMW série 1.
5. Exposée ainsi malgré elle aux réactions contre ce phénom';ne clandestin, A3 semble supporter mal son instabilité, en tout cas cette vacance forcée qui laisse comme un vide.