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Abs; ABS (disambiguation); Abs.; ABs (disambiguation)

ABS, system on cars that prevents the wheels from locking while braking
Ab, eleventh month of the Hebrew calendar
n. Abe, male first name (form of Abraham)


Asshole Behavior Scale. Logarithmic scale from 1 to 10 used to measure how much of an asshole someone is being. Similar to the Richter scale for earthquakes with each whole number representing an intensity 10 times greater than the next lower number.
Chris's extremely cranky again today. Had to be at least a 6.2 on the ABS.



ABS or Abs may refer to:

Pronunciation examples for ABS
1. abs.
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2. abs.
Neuroscience of Personality _ Dario Nardi _ Talks at Google
3. your abs on 20% .
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4. And show my abs
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5. with perfect abs, perfect teeth.
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Examples of use of ABS
1. Tandis que les trois autres matches de la superdivision sont JSMB–USMH, MCEE–ABS, MSPB–MOB.
2. Nombre de banques étaient fortement engagées dans le domaine des ABS ou CDO.
3. La crise est toujours lŕ. Préparez–vous ŕ entendre cette phrase de plus en plus souvent: y a–t–il des ABS dans ton portefeuille? as–tu un fonds investi en ABS? est–ce que ta caisse de retraite détient des ABS?
4. Un ABS devient donc une part, une fraction de cet ensemble d‘actifs titrisés.
5. Car un ABS offre généralement une protection contre le risque de défaut.