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C&c; C & C; C&C (disambiguation)

n. c, musical note
n. top C (Music)


Watcom C/C++
<language, product> A compiler and development tools for multi-platform, 16 and 32-bit applications. Watcom C/C++ 10.0 has an integrated development environment (IDE) and development tools. It includes the SOMobjects Toolkit to enable access to IBM's System Object Model (SOM) and Distributed System Object Model (DSOM). It supports 16 bit MS DOS, Microsoft Windows 3.x, OS/2 1.x, and 32 bit platforms including extended DOS, OS/2 2.x, Windows NT, Win32s, 32-bit Windows 3.x, Novell NLM and AutoCAD ADS/ADI. (1995-04-18)



C&C may refer to:

  • C&C Group (formerly Cantrell and Cochrane), a consumer goods group based in Ireland
  • C&C Yachts, sailboat builder
  • C+C Music Factory, an American dance-pop and hip hop group
  • Cambridge & Coleridge Athletic Club, based in Cambridge, United Kingdom
  • Castles & Crusades, a role-playing game
  • Chris & Cosey, an industrial music project of Throbbing Gristle members
  • City and Colour, acoustic project from musician Dallas Green
  • Coheed and Cambria, a rock band from Nyack, New York, formed in 1995
  • Chocolate and Cheese, album by Ween
  • Codes and ciphers, see Cryptography
  • Command and control, the exercise of authority by a commanding officer over military forces in the accomplishment of a mission
  • Command and control (management), an approach to decision making in organizations
  • Command and control (malware), a control mechanism for botnets
  • Command & Conquer, a real-time strategy video game series
  • Contraction and Convergence, an approach to limiting carbon dioxide emissions globally
Pronunciation examples for C
1. So C in C major, C in C minor, C in C seven, C in C diminished.
Accordion to Cory _ Cory Pesaturo & Ljubinka Kulisic _ Talks at Google
2. B, C, B, C, B, C, B --
3. "C! C-A..."
Johnny English (2003)
4. ...C, G, C.
The School of Rock (2003)
5. C, C, it doesn't matter.
Accordion to Cory _ Cory Pesaturo & Ljubinka Kulisic _ Talks at Google
Examples of use of C
1. Les températures vont osciller entre 25°C et 28°C.
2. Le 28 juin 2005, il a affiché 25,8°C, à comparer aux quatre journées de juin les plus chaudes depuis 55 ans ÷ le 30 juin 1'76 (25,7°C), le 27 juin 2005 (25,6°C), le 23 juin 2005 (25,3°C) et le 2' juin 1'76 (25,3°C). Pour un mois de juin normal, l‘indicateur afficherait 17–18°C à Paris, 1'°C à Toulouse ou 21°C à Marseille, a précisé un responsable de Météo France.
3. Trois ans ŕ peine apr';s 2003, année br$';lante pour l‘ensemble de la plan';te, les records absolus de température pleuvent ŕ nouveau: 35°C en Belgique, 36°C en Grande–Bretagne, 3'°C en Allemagne, 40°C en France, 37°C en Autriche, la mer ŕ 30°C ŕ Marseille...
4. Attention, les températures grimpent jusqu‘ŕ 50°C l‘été et descendent ŕ –10°C en hiver.
5. La Californie a été rattachée aux Etats–Unis d';s 1846. 2: C. 3: A. 4: C. 5: A. 6: B. 7: C.