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Columbia Broadcasting Service; Columbia Broadcasting Company; Columbia Broadcast System; CBS Inc.; CBS Network; CBS-TV; CBS Broadcasting, Inc.; Tiffany network; CBS Television Network; The CBS Tuesday Movie; Columbia Boradcasting System; Columbia Broacasting System; CBS, Inc; CBS Television; CBS Animation; Tiffany Network; CBS Electronics; Cbs; Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS); CBS Daytime CBSD; Get Ready for CBS; CBS network; The Tiffany Network; Share the Spirit of CBS/CBSpirit; CBS.COM; CBS: Television You Can Feel; CBS Studios Inc.; CBS Music Group; We've Got the Touch; Great Moments; Reach for the Stars (CBS promo); The Columbia Broadcasting System; Get ready for cbs;; CBS Broadcasting; CBS Broadcasting Inc; Columbia Phonographic Broadcasting System; CBS Frontline; CBS Studios, Inc.; Eye Network; CBS Special Movie; CBS Broadcasting Inc.; Gabriel Toys; CBS Toys; The Cbs Eye; Cbs Logo; CBS Eye; CBS HD; Columbia Broadcasting; CBS television; CBS Eye logo; CBS eye; CBS (network);; Columbia Broadcasting System; CBS logos; CBS–HD; CBS-HD; Continental Broadcasting System; Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc.; United Independent Broadcasters; CBS (TV network); Big Four (radio networks); CBS Foundation; CBS logo
  • The classic CBS corporate logo, using CBS Didot typeface, which was still used by [[CBS Television Distribution]] until 2021
  • A 1951 advertisement for the CBS Television Network introduced the Eye logo.
  • The eyemark (1951-present)

C.B.S. (Columbia Broadcasting System), United States radio and television broadcasting network
CB, Citizens Band, range of radio frequencies set aside for two-way radio communication by citizens and businesses (in the USA); radio receiver/transmitter used to communicate on Citizens Band frequencies
n. CB, Citizens Band, range of radio frequencies set aside for two-way radio communication by citizens and businesses (in the USA); radio receiver/transmitter used to communicate on Citizens Band frequencies


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CBS Broadcasting Inc., commonly shortened to CBS (the abbreviation of its former legal name Columbia Broadcasting System), is an American commercial broadcast television and radio network that is the flagship property of the CBS Entertainment Group division of Paramount Global.

Headquartered at the CBS Building in New York City, it has major production facilities and operations at the CBS Broadcast Center and the headquarters of owner Paramount at One Astor Plaza (both also in that city) and Television City and the CBS Studio Center in Los Angeles. The network is part of the "Big Three" television networks. It is also sometimes referred to as the Eye Network in reference to the company's trademark symbol which has been in use since 1951. It has also been called the Tiffany Network which alludes to the perceived high quality of its programming during the tenure of William S. Paley. It can also refer to some of CBS's first demonstrations of color television, which were held in the former Tiffany and Company Building in New York City in 1950.

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1. CBS.
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2. on CBS.
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3. Ended up at CBS.
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Examples of use of CBS
1. Chez CBS Perform, la préparation se fait sur mesure.
2. La chaîne de télévision CBS a eu droit ŕ un traitement plus expéditif encore.
3. Les centraux téléphoniques des polices et de CBS sont pris d‘assaut.
4. "Avec le plus grand respect, nous saluons le rôle extraordinaire que Dan a joué dans l‘histoire, non seulement de CBS, mais aussi du journalisme télévisuel", a déclaré Sean McManus, président de CBS News.
5. Sur CBS, ils entendent un bulletin d‘information relatant la chute d‘un objet curieux dans le New Jersey.