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Earldom; Earls; Earldoms; Countess (feminine form of earl); Earls in the United Kingdom
  • A coronet of a British earl
  • coronation]] robes
  • Earldoms of Anglo-Saxon England
  • Parliament]] at [[Westminster]], 4 February 1512. Left to right: The [[Marquess of Dorset]] (second from left), [[Earl of Northumberland]], [[Earl of Surrey]], [[Earl of Shrewsbury]], [[Earl of Essex]], [[Earl of Kent]], [[Earl of Derby]], [[Earl of Wiltshire]]. From Parliament Procession Roll of 1512.
  • [[Hedingham Castle]], seat of the Earls of Oxford, is in Essex where most of the earl's land was concentrated
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agricultural limited responsibility holding
count; earl
n. precocity, earliness, forwardness


¦ noun a British nobleman ranking above a viscount and below a marquess.
earldom noun
OE eorl, of Gmc origin.



Earl () is a rank of the nobility in the United Kingdom. The title originates in the Old English word eorl, meaning "a man of noble birth or rank". The word is cognate with the Scandinavian form jarl, and meant "chieftain", particularly a chieftain set to rule a territory in a king's stead. After the Norman Conquest, it became the equivalent of the continental count (in England in the earlier period, it was more akin to a duke; in Scotland, it assimilated the concept of mormaer). Alternative names for the rank equivalent to "earl" or "count" in the nobility structure are used in other countries, such as the hakushaku (伯爵) of the post-restoration Japanese Imperial era.

In modern Britain, an earl is a member of the peerage, ranking below a marquess and above a viscount. A feminine form of earl never developed; instead, countess is used.

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Examples of use of EARL
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