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Electricité de France; Electricite de france; Electricite de France; Hispaelec; Électricité de France (EDF); EdF; EDF Group; Electricite de France (EDF); Électricité Réseau Distribution France; Enedis; EDF (company); Project Hercules
  • EDF head office, 22–30 avenue de Wagram, Paris 8th arr.
  • EDF produces its electricity primarily from [[nuclear power plant]]s

French national electricity company


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Électricité de France

Électricité de France S.A. (literally Electricity of France), commonly known as EDF, is a French multinational electric utility company, largely owned by the French state. Headquartered in Paris, with €71.2 billion in revenues in 2016, EDF operates a diverse portfolio of at least 120 gigawatts of generation capacity in Europe, South America, North America, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

In 2009, EDF was the world's largest producer of electricity. Its 56 active nuclear reactors (in France) are spread out over 18 sites (nuclear power plants). They comprise 32 reactors of 900 MWe, 20 reactors of 1,300 MWe, and 4 reactors of 1,450 MWe, all PWRs.

EDF was created on 8 April 1946 by the 1945 parliament, from the merging of various divided actors. EDF led France's post-war energy growth, with a unique focus on civil nuclear energy, through reconstruction and further industrialization within the Trente Glorieuse, being a fleuron of France's new industrial landscape. In 2004, following integration to the Common European market, EDF was privatized, although the French state retained 84% equity. In 2017 EDF took over the majority of the reactor business crisis loaded Areva, in a French government sponsored restructuration. That same year, following the wish to divest from nuclear energy, 17 of EDF's French nuclear power reactors were announced to be possibly closed by 2025. However, in 2019, the French government asked EDF to develop proposals for three new replacement nuclear power stations. Following privatization, decades of under-investment and the 2021–2022 global energy crisis and the Russo-Ukrainian War threatening Europe's energy security, the Government of France announced the full renationalisation of the company for an estimated cost of €5 billion.

Examples of use of EDF
1. EDF construit trois nouvelles tranches nucléaires ŕ Flamanville.
2. Rien qu‘en France, EDF poss';de 58 réacteurs nucléaires.
3. C‘est vrai pour Airbus, EDF, Renault (RNO.PA), Credit Agricole.
4. Quid, dans ces perspectives, de notre champion européen EDF?
5. Les institutionnels auront 40%. EDF devra maintenant séduire les boursiers.