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(also f)
¦ noun (plural Fs or F's)
1. the sixth letter of the alphabet.
2. denoting the next after E in a set of items, categories, etc.
3. Music the fourth note of the diatonic scale of C major.
¦ abbreviation
1. Fahrenheit.
2. farad(s).
3. Chemistry faraday(s).
4. (in racing results) favourite.
5. female.
6. fighter (in designations of US aircraft types).
7. Biology filial generation.
8. Brit. fine (used in describing grades of pencil lead).
9. (in motor racing) formula.
10. Franc(s).
11. France (international vehicle registration).
12. (in tables of sports results) goals or points for.
¦ symbol
1. the chemical element fluorine.
2. Physics force.



F&M may refer to:

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  • Fortnum & Mason, an upmarket department store in London, England
  • Franklin & Marshall College, a liberal arts college in Pennsylvania, USA
  • F&M, a drugstore chain formerly owned by Drug Emporium
  • F & M, a 2019 album by German-Swedish duo Lindemann
  • Fujiya & Miyagi, an English electronic music band
  • Foot-and-mouth disease