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F.o.b.; FOB; F.O.B.; FOB (disambiguation); Fob (disambiguation)

FOB, free on board, term which indicates that the seller will pay transportation costs to a specified point and from that point onward the purchaser is responsible
n. fob, watch pocket
FOB, Forward Operating Base, temporary airfield that supports tactical operations but does not have full support systems (Military)


·noun A little pocket for a watch.
II. Fob (·vt) To beat; to Maul.
III. Fob (·vt) To cheat; to Trick; to impose on.



Fob or FOB may refer to:

Pronunciation examples for FOB
1. Perhaps it's in your fob.
Waiting for Godot
2. These hardware engineers would then fob off their design to
Mastery _ Robert Greene _ Talks at Google
3. So they'll fob you off with a thing called the portfolio
Confessions of a Microfinance Heretic _ Hugh Sinclair _ Talks at Google
4. A lot of people use the remote on their car key fob
Krav Maga _ Gershon Ben Keren _ Talks at Google
5. because they didn't want to be grouped in as like a FOB,
Yang _ Talks at Google
Examples of use of FOB
1. Lenl';vement du pétrole brut débutera vers avril–mai 2007, selon la formule FOB avec 4 ŕ 5 cargaisons par trimestre (cargaison dun million de barils), selon M.