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Galilei, Galileo Galilei (1564-1642), Italian mathematician and astronomer who perfected the refracting telescope



Galilei is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Galileo Galilei (1564–1642), astronomer, philosopher, and physicist.
  • Vincenzo Galilei (1520–1591), composer, lutenist, and music theorist; father of Galileo
  • Michelagnolo Galilei (1575–1631), Baroque lutenist and composer, brother of Galileo
  • Alessandro Galilei (1691–1736), Florentine mathematician and architect

Two craters have been named for Galileo Galilei, with a different spelling:

  • Galilaei (lunar crater), on the Moon
  • Galilaei (Martian crater), on Mars
Pronunciation examples for Galilei
1. when Galileo Galilei pointed his telescope
Decoding Thoughts and Dreams Using In-Brain Electrodes _ Moran Cerf _ Talks at Google
2. since Galileo Galilei, the Italian scientist,
3. So Galileo Galilei found that the velocity of a
The Tau Manifesto _ Michael Hartl _ Talks at Google
4. And I was thinking, "If Galileo Galilei cooperated with inquisition and 400 years after this
Identity, Freedom, and Global Responsibility _ Natan Sharansky _ Talks at Google
5. with inquisition. So who you are not to do it? Be clear – it was Galilei.
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Examples of use of Galilei
1. Les ciels s‘éclaircissent sans que l‘on sache si c‘est grave pour la santé. Andreas Hirstein, Traduction: Stéphane Bonvin Lundi 5 janvier 200' C‘était en 160'. Le physicien et astronome Galileo Galilei pointait son télescope dans le ciel, par–dessus la ville de Padoue.
2. Renouant avec les grandes enquętes historiques, Jean–Daniel Verhaeghe a réalisé pour le compte de la chaîne publique française France 3 un film poignant sur le proc';s en inquisition de Galileo Galilei, le savant italien universellement connu sous le nom de Galilée.