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Galles - translation to English

Pajonn; Tiermes; Atja; Hora galles; Ravdna
  • Sami people worshipping Horagalles or Tiermes. Copper engraving by [[Bernard Picart]] from ''Cérémonies et coutumes religieuses de tous les peuples du monde'' (1723–43)
  • The two hammers of the thunder god depicted as a blue cross on a late 18th-century shaman drum from [[Porsanger]], Western [[Finnmark]], Norway, described by the Christian missionary Knud Leem.<ref>Friis, [ p. 141].</ref>
  • Depiction of Horagalles from a Sami shaman drum found in Norway. The drum symbols were copied by the Christian priest Thomas von Westen in the 18th century.<ref>Friis, [ p. 35].</ref>

Cambria, medieval name of Wales (principality in the west of Great Britain)
n. gall, bile
n. gall, bile



In Sami shamanism, Horagalles, also written Hora Galles and Thora Galles and often equated with Tiermes or Aijeke (i.e. "grandfather or great grandfather"), is the thunder god. He is depicted as a wooden figure with a nail in the head and with a hammer, or occasionally on shaman drums, two hammers.

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