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Iliade - translation to french

Società Nebiolo; Slogan (typeface); Hastile; Lapis (typeface); Egiziano; Torino (typeface); Romano Moderno; Inkunabula; Sinibaldi (typeface); Paganini (typeface); Ottocento (typeface); Iliade; Veltro; Ruano (typeface); Neon (typeface); Razionale; Resolut; Quirinus (typeface); Landi (typeface); Athenaeum (typeface); Augustea; Fluidum; Fontanesi (typeface); Egizio; Juliet (typeface); Ritmo (typeface); Garaldus; Recta (typeface); Estro; Magistier; Oscar (typeface); Cigogna; Stop (typeface); Metropol (typeface); Elite (typeface); Semplictia; Rondine (typeface); Normandia (typeface)

Iliad, epic poem describing the siege of Troy (written by the Greek poet Homer)
Iliad, epic poem describing the siege of Troy (written by the Greek poet Homer)
n. Achilles, hero of Homer's "Iliad" who was killed when wounded in the heel (Greek Mythology)


·adj ·same·as Hastate.


Nebiolo Printech

The Fonderia Nebiolo was a manufacturer of printing presses and paper and formerly a type foundry. Nebiolo & Co. was created in 1878 when Giovanni Nebiolo bought out the type foundry of G. Narizzano in Turin, Italy, in 1852. In 1908 the company merged with the Urania Company and operated under the name Augustea and began to buy out many smaller foundries. In 1916 it was again renamed Società Nebiolo. In 1976 in occasion of the renovation of the Company that naturally would have come to an end that year, Fiat entered into the press manufacturing business and the Studio Artistico was closed up. In 1992 it became Nebiolo Printech S.p.A. and continues to manufacture presses under that name today.

Pronunciation examples for Iliade
1. Homer's "Iliad."
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2. say, "The Iliad."
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3. so I actually delivered "The Iliad" later
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4. told him the story of Homer's "Iliad."
5. "The Scarlet Letter," "The Iliad," and more,
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Examples of use of Iliade
1. Il est le po';te algérien le plus marquant de la génération de Novembre–1'54, auteur notamment de l‘"Iliade algérienne" (1'72), "Le feu sacré" (1'61), "A l‘ombre de l‘olivier" (1'65) et "Révélations de l‘Atlas" (1'76), ses quatre livres de po';mes (diwane) publiés de son vivant.