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Jalapa, Mexico; Xalapa-Enríquez; Jalapa-Enríquez; Xalapa, Mexico; Xalapa Enríquez; Jalapa de Enríquez; Jalapa-Enriquez; Xalapa-Enriquez; Jalapa de Enriquez; Xalapa Enriquez; UN/LOCODE:MXJAL; Jalapa, Veracruz; Xalapa, Veracruz; Xalapa, Ver.; Las Lajas, Veracruz; Jalapa; History of Xalapa; Economy of Xalapa; Geography of Xalapa; Climate of Xalapa; Government of Xalapa; List of universities in Xalapa
  • Athletics at [[Heriberto Jara Corona Stadium]] in 1991.
  • Universidad Veracruzana Main Campus at Xalapa
  • Xalapa Anthropology Museum.
  • [[Battle of Cerro Gordo]] (1847)
  • Giant [[Olmec]] head, a mark of the indigenous civilizations of Xalapa.
  • Local commerces at Downtown Xalapa
  • villa]] on 18 December 1791.
  • The [[Cofre de Perote]] hills
  • A narrow street in Xalapa, better known as ''Callejones''.
  • Costco store with Centro Mayor Tower at the bottom
  • Governor [[Juan de la Luz Enríquez]] (1836–1892) for whom the city is named.
  • Naolinco volcanic field, north of Xalapa city
  • The Palace of Government of Veracruz (Governor's Office)
  • Juárez Park
  • Picadas, a local dish served for breakfast
  • Centro Cultural Tlaqna.
  • [[Antonio López de Santa Anna]], born in Xalapa, is one of the most emblematic figures in Mexican history.
  • Gardens at Xalapa's Universidad Veracruzana
  • Overlooking the [[Paseo de los Lagos]] in Xalapa
  • [[Xalapa Cathedral]].

Jalapa, capital of Veracruz (state in eastern Mexico)


marvel of Peru
¦ noun a tropical American herbaceous plant with fragrant trumpet-shaped flowers which open late in the afternoon. [Mirabilis jalapa.]



Xalapa or Jalapa (English: , Spanish: [xaˈlapa] (listen)), officially Xalapa-Enríquez (IPA: [xaˈlapa enˈrikes]), is the capital city of the Mexican state of Veracruz and the name of the surrounding municipality. In the 2005 census the city reported a population of 387,879 and the municipality of which it serves as municipal seat reported a population of 413,136. The municipality has an area of 118.45 km2. Xalapa lies near the geographic center of the state and is the second-largest city in the state after the city of Veracruz to the southeast.

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1. Jalapa, I think it was.
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