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LAN, Local Area Network, communications network which connects computers that are located in close proximity (commonly used in offices, small companies, etc.)
Lansing, capital city of Michigan (USA); city in Illinois (USA)
Robert Lansing         
Robert Lansing (1864-1928), American politician, Secretary of State during the Wilson administration, head of the U.S. delegation to the Paris Peace Conference


Lan (unit of measurement)

Lan (Polish: łan [wan]; German: Lahn; Latin: laneus) is an old unit of field measurement used in Poland. Since the 13th century, its value has varied from one location to another. A greater łan (also Franconian, King's, Old Polish) consisted of 43.2 morgs = 23 to 28 hectares. A lesser łan (Chełmno łan) was 30 morg ≈ 17,955 hectare.

The term eventually derives from German Lehen, "fee" (feudal land tenure). The term łan was also used to indicate an average size of a peasant's tenured farm. Łan was further subdivided into zagony ("belts") and further into skiby ("slices").

In medieval times the size of a łan was anywhere between 3 and 50 hectares, but from the 13th century to 1857 in Great Lesser Poland (with Podkarpacie), the Franconian Łan was consistently used.

Pronunciation examples for LAN
1. You use separate lanes, dedicated lanes.
2. change lanes.
Roadtrip Nation _ Mike Marriner & Nathan Gebhard _ Talks at Google
3. network of lanes.
4. dedicated lanes to buses.
Solving our Transportation Crisis _ Stuart Cohen _ Talks at Google
5. to change lanes?
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Examples of use of LAN
1. " Cest autant que lan dernier et cest loin dętre négligeable.
2. Lan dernier, le Coq sportif a traversé une période difficile.
3. " En lan 2000, nous avons recensé 7204 cas individuels.
4. Ce volume étant appelé ŕ croître pour atteindre les 600 000 passagers dici lan 2008.
5. Lhôtel a fait 200 couverts durant le réveillon de lan dernier.